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Please take a moment to look at examples of our work. It will help you to make an informed decision of who you would like to handle the design, development, implementation and management of your site.

  • FOCUSPortals.Com - www.FOCUSPortals.Com is a network of community internet portals. This is our creme de la creme. Many of the portals are available as a franchise business opportunity. Try our example portal AshfieldFOCUS.Com
  • - is an organisation to promote quality and safety in automated entrance systems and Electric Gate Installers - (gates, doors, turnstyles, barriers etc.).
  • - is a recruitment website. Candidates upload their CV along with details about themselves and companies recruit from our database.
  • - is a site builder complete with shopping basket. You can totally customise the look and feel and even have your own domain name associated with it. A realistic alternative for the small business.
  • - is a specialist supplier of porcelain dolls. This uses our searchable shopping basket and many other dynamically generated pages.
  • BMC Weddings - is a Nottinghamshire based wedding company, specialising in wedding cars and wedding cakes.
  • DrivingSeat - is an example of a database driven site. Enter the criteria for your car and see if the car of your dreams is sitting on the drivingseat's database.

Of course, the site you are now viewing was also written by ourselves and is built on our very own Content Management System (CMS).

If you wish to see examples of our Intranet portfolio, please call to discuss.

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