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Content Management System

Our easy to use and template driven Content Management System (CMS) is designed to be flexible and powerful but still very user friendly.

The Content Management System feaure list includes (but not limited to):

  • Hackable URLs (the web address can be shortened and the CMS will still deliver a page)
  • Friendly URLs (the URLs are easy to read and good for search engine optimisation)
  • Friendly URLs on postback (when you click a button, you no longer get an ugly address line)
  • 301 redirects (allow your existing site to be easily moved and automatically inform the search engines of your changes)
  • Easily add your own programmed modules and integrate them into your CMS pages
  • Template driven, which means that you create one skeleton page and re-use it as many times in your site
  • Easy to design templates to work in the Content Management System
  • Support for multiple databases, currently SQL Server and MySQL
  • Multiple websites on one installation or mutliple domain names (or subdomains) can point to the same site
  • User friendly editting screen (wysiwyg). If you can use a word processor, you can use the editor
  • Full workflow management (which means you can give different levels of authentication to different people in your organisation)
  • Page start date and expiry dates, which allow you to create pages and not show them until a specified date, or for pages to be removed after a specified date
  • Many CMS programmable objects are exposed for your developers and designers to connect into the CMS
  • Security and Authentication for your Content Management System users can be configured to use your Windows user database or your Database
  • Create CMS pages or folders that are hidden from general view

For a demonstration of our Content Management System, please call us on 01623 400689 or email,


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